eOps for Facility Management Firms

Capturing & consolidating attendance & leaves of hundreds of employees for a given month who are working with
•        different clients,
•        different locations and
•        in different shifts in the same month

is very complex. Generating error free & accurate payroll with so many variable factors is even more complicated. Most importantly security agencies have to realize revenue by invoicing respective clients with accurate attendance & rates for each security role.

In a nutshell, these companies have to ensure they :

1. Avoid revenue loss
2. Control fraud during manual processing
3. Submit accurate data to clients & maintain business credibility
4. Maintain Statutory compliance

Our HR & Payroll Software was exclusively developed to meet the business needs for these companies.

Starting with

1. Using Aadhar based e-KYC for security guard identification and onboarding –
a. This will ensure guards personally identifiable information is maintained in company records for future purposes e.g. when the guard commits a crime or fraud at any work place or is hurt during theft of the client place by criminals.
b. This record can be shown to police during investigations & prove the security agency has done background verification of the guard.

2. Using geo-location to capture security guard attendance remotely and send it to back end automatically
a. Generally attendance data are manipulated by unruly internal staff
b. This will result in loss of revenue for the business owner or loss of credibility with their clients. Attendance capture by this method eliminates such incidents.